About our Team

Organizational Structure of RWANDA YOUTH IN ACTION RWANDAYOUTH IN ACTION’s organizational structure is composed of:

• The General Assembly

• The Board of Directors

• The Executive Committee

• The Auditing Committee

• The Coordination Office.

• The General Assembly of Rwanda Youth in Action Organization is composed of all members of RWANDA YOUTH IN ACTION.

The General Assembly acts also as the Board of Directors and is the main decisionmaking group.

• The Executive Committee is composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two Advisors.

The President is the same as the Chairman of the Board and also the Legal Representative of RWANDA YOUTH IN ACTION.

• The Executive Committee works closely with the Auditing Committee and the Coordination office and meets frequently to follow up on the daily management of the organization and the decisions of the General Assembly.

• The Auditing Committee is composed by two internal auditors who are appointed by the General Assembly to carry out financial control of accounts and other assets of the Organization.

• The Coordination Office is composed of the team in charge of thedaily operations of RWANDA YOUTH IN ACTION. It is headed by an Executive Director who is assisted by a Management team of Heads of Departments, assisted by the team of all Rwanda Youthin Action Organization personnel.

• Rwanda Youth in Action Organization has a team of full-time paidstaff and a team of volunteers (Facilitators and Counsellors).